BT SVAP LLC has applied its technological solution to improve the protection of the Polaznenskoye field oil pipeline

BT SVAP LLC has performed a set of works on the application of the ZUB-Kozhukh coating system for the underwater crossing of the field oil pipeline DN150 mm with a length of 1900 meters across the Kama River. The works were performed under the current contract with LLC Lukoil-Perm for the object “Reconstruction of the oil gathering pipeline NK second rise –3rd collector of the Polaznenskoye field".

The design solutions for the Facility was that the Protective Reinforced Concrete Coating "ZUB-Casing" is used instead of the steel casing DN400 mm, provided for by the requirements of Rostekhnadzor (FNiP "Safety Rules in the Oil and Gas Industry" (RTN Order No. 534 of 15.12.2020) at the intersection of field pipelines with water barriers.

А set of works was carried out to apply an external anticorrosive polyethylene coating on steel pipes, an internal anticorrosive epoxy coating of a steel pipe and a particularly durable hydrophobic coating ZUB with a reinforcing cage and microfiber in a metal-polymer casing In the engineering and production complex "SVAP-Center" in Orekhovo-Zuevo.

The supply of pipe products is completed with special kits for sealing butt joints of pipe sections using a polyurethane compound to protect and compensate for stress-strain stresses.

The pipes with ZUB-Kozhukh coatings usage has made possible to provide significant savings in the construction of the crossing by reducing material consumption, labor intensity, cost and scope of work at the construction site.

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