For the first time in Russia:

Heat-insulated undersea pipeline with electric heating and ballast concrete coating

BT SVAP LLC performed a set of works on the application of anticorrosive, heat-insulating (PPU) and ballast concrete coating on DN250 mm pipes with pre-installed skin-effect system elements for an underwater pipeline of technical drainage. The works is a part of the construction of a loading railway terminal at the Korotchaevo station (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Novy Urengoy),The customer for the construction is a structural subdivision of Rosneft PJSC NK - ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL.JSC.

The complete delivery of coated pipe sections included: production and supply of special kits for sealing pipe joints, as well as installation supervision and commissioning for the installation of a skin-effect system (electric heating) on ​​the pipeline.


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