IPK "SVAP-Center" employees were vaccinated against coronavirus infection

The employees of the IPK "SVAP-Center" in Orekhovo-Zuevo were vaccinated to protect their health from coronavirus infection . The vaccination campaign started in February and is being carried out on a voluntary basis at one of the city's polyclinics. For this, the company compiles vaccination lists and schedules. Immediately before the procedure, the company's employees undergo a mandatory questionnaire and examination by a general practitioner.

One of the first to receive a vaccination against the new coronavirus is Alexander Alexandrovich Fomin, director of a separate subdivision of BT “SVAP” LLC. According to him, the vaccinated employees of the unit feel good, no one had any side effects.

The management of BT “SVAP” LLC takes care of its employees and creates safe working conditions, creating collective immunity to the coronavirus. infections.

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