Oil and Gas: Prospects for the Energy Transition

”BT SVAP” continues to participate in discussions on the portal of the "DNV GL" international accredited registration and classification society on the future development of the global oil and gas sector. The issues discussed in the course of the discussions allow the company's management to assess possible directions for the development of the industry in Russia. Thus, based on DNV GL research, oil demand in 2019 was very high, and this year may remain the highest in relation to oil demand, since today the demand for natural gas as an energy source is increasing.

The global trend in the development of the energy industry is based on the need for faster decarburization and is considering options to reduce emissions from the extraction and use of oil and gas. At the same time, the use of hydrogen is widely discussed, which can potentially significantly decarbonize the industry. Experts from the gas transmission company National Grid and distributor Northern Gas Networks (NGN) are discussing the possibility of using hydrogen 100% safe in the existing British gas networks, for which purpose houses have been built at the DNV GL Spadeadam Test and Research Center, which play central to these studies.

In the forecast, DNV GL's modeling talks about the single probable future of the global energy system until the middle of the 21st century. The implication is that governments, regulators, investors and society will place ever higher demands on the industry to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

The specialists of our company are considering the possibility of participating in the development and manufacture of equipment for participation in new projects for the development of low-carbon hydrogen energy.


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