PK 8 Subcommittee meeting “Natural gas main pipeline transport ”


PK 8 Subcommittee meeting “Natural gas main pipeline transport ” of the Technical Committee TC 023 “Oil and Gas Industry”, of which BT SVAP LLC is a member, was held. The event was dedicated to the anniversary date - 10 years of formation of PK 8. The meeting was held at Gazprom PJSC on 08/08/2019. In addition to the report on current activities, issues of current activities in the field of national, interstate and international standardization were considered. The meeting was led by A.V. Videneev - Deputy Head of Management, Gazprom PJSC.

38 organizations - members of PK 8 TK023, attended the meeting, including Nesterov Yu. L. - Head of the Department of Rostekhnadzor, representatives of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC Zapevalov D.N., Mayants Yu.A., Shiryapov D.I. and other speakers who, in their speeches, assessed the current state of development of regulatory documentation, as well as issues of improving the safety of operation of pipelines, taking into account regulatory requirements in the construction and repair of main pipelines.

In particular, issues of conducting coatings unified strength tests, that ZUB COMPOSITE protective coating successfully passed, were considered.

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