The pile piers for the North Caspian

The pile piers for the North Caspian

BT SVAP has started the manufacture of large-sized pile piers at the Manufacture-Logistic Complex “SVAP South”, Astrakhan, as a part of the North Caspian, Rakushechnoe field development project of Lukoil. The piles are intended for the realization of the first project stage – sea platforms assembling/ The piles are produced of steel sheet up to 85 mm of width, the sections are up to 56 meters in length and up to 100 tons in weight.

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The Rakushechnoe field was discovered in 2001, it is situated nearby the Filanovskiy field. Сommercial oil production is starting in 2023. The expected oil rate-plateau is 1,2 million tons per a year.

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