SVAP Innovation technology extends the boundaries

Projects for construction of various ground-surface and offshore marine pipelines on the Philippines have been discussed since 2018. In the end of May 2017 President of the Philippines made an formal visit to Russia which resulted in signing of set of documents such as treaty for trade development and investment cooperation, and memorandum on development of industrial cooperation.

Delegation of BT SVAP had business meeting with Harry Roque, authorized representative of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, Minister of Trade and Industry Ramon Lopez and Minister of Energy Donato di Marcos on December 20th.

Matter of implementation of project for construction of innovation multifunctional pipe complex was discussed during the meeting. The basis of such complex is already formed by implemented private projects of PLC “SVAP-YUG”, IPC “SVAP-CENTER”. BT SVAP Company intends to provide its technical solutions in the sphere of complex protection of pipelines for various purposes.

The Manila Times
Department of Trade and Industry



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