Technical meeting on “Development of uniform standard for silicate enamel coating of pipelines"

General Director of AO “VNIIST” O.O. Morozov started the meeting with the speech in which he stressed the necessity to elaborate regulatory documentation for silicate enamel coatings.

Director of CZK AO “VNIIST” W.B. Kovalevskiy described the records of silicate enamel coatings application, scope of application, main parameters, and ways of further works.

Silicate enamel coatings scope of application:

  • Filed gas and oil pipelines (corrosion resistance, coating evenness);
  • Tubing pipes (corrosion resistance, strength properties);
  • Heating networks (150-170°с) (corrosion resistance, high temperature);
  • Agriculture, chemical industry (chemical resistance).

Ways of further works:

  • Define the list of pipes for silicate enamel coating application (GOST being developed);
  • Development of different silicate enamel coating formulations for various aims;
  • Elaboration of uniform coating quality assessment procedure (testing procedure).

k.V. Kazak from Ural institute of metals defined the following directions of future work:

  • Development of enamel formulations (frita import phase out);
  • Development of metal grades;
  • Coating requirements;
  • Coating testing procedure;
  • Requirements for pipes with silicate enamel coating installation.

A.A. Zelenin from LUKOIL company expressed company’s interest in developing a uniform standard for silicate enamel coatings. Lukoil uses 50-100km\year of silicate enamel coated pipes at its facilities. As far as companies’ requirements, for coating quality may differ uniform standard is required to be developed.

Previously described ways of future works were updated with the following:

  • Diagnostics of pipelines with silicate enamel coating;
  • Silicate enamel coated pipelines engineering specifications.

Current issues were negotiated during round table discussion:

  • Discussion of necessity to include tubing pipes into GOST (for tubing low-temperature enamel is used, melt temp. = 760°с);
  • GOST name confirmation (in the first reading) «pipes and piping details with silicate enamel coating»;
  • Necessity to engage the following companies (consumers) into GOST development: «Rosneft», «Bashneft»;
  • Discussion of fund raising necessity;
  • Determination of basic technical committee– committee 357;
  • Application submission to «Rossstandart» - august 2015;
  • Necessity to extend the structure of working team.

General Director of AO «VNIIST» O.O. Morozov summed up the discussion results.

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