Import Substitution: Pile Finishers Production

BT SVAP LLC has completed a project for the production and supply of a batch of pile piles for driving a pipe sheet pile with a diameter of 1420 X (14-20) mm for the construction of the Northern Ice Protection Facility as part of the construction of the Utrenniy Terminal for Liquefied Natural Gas and Stable Gas Condensate in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, which is implemented by "MRTS Marine Projects"LLC ( "MRTS" JSC).


The project of the pile finisher of BT SVAP LLC, based on international experience, has developed a structure according to its own drawings from a domestic steel grade. This technology has many advantages & ndash; this is a complete import substitution from the project to the finished product (including materials), reducing the cost of the finished device and providing domestic service.

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