Qualified by SAIPEM

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“BT SVAP” LLC has successfully passed “SAIPEM” qualification, the SAP code number is 116984. AOS status is “the supplier, approved for participating in SAIPEM tenders. The technical categories are:
  • S00810020 - Linepipe concrete weight coating;
  • S00815010 - Painting and coating for onshore, offhore works and prefabrication yards;
  • M00215105 - Sheet piles;
  • M02005005 - Medium and heavy structural steel works and special metal structures for offshore naval means (stinger, towers of launching etc.);
  • M02005006 - Fabricated steel structure for industrial plants;
  • S00405015 - Complementary works – civil;
  • S00605011- Erection of medium and heavy steel structures onshore;
  • M03420005- Aggregates / inert materials, cements / binders and concrete;
  • M02020012 - Pipe supports in steel;
  • S00405095- Supply & installation of piles;
  • S00405012 - Supply of concrete at site .

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