Demonstration testing of pipes

Demonstration testing of pipes with protective coating  ZUB-COMPOSITE  were conducted at Moscow production yard on 07.04.2015 with witness of OAO Gazprom, OOO Gazprom VNIIGAZ specialists and representatives of project developing organizations.


Impact and shear tests conducted with pipes dia.406 mm showed high strength properties of construction providing high impact and abrasive strength of pipe surface during transportation, handling, impact induced by unmilled soil while pipeline backfilling during construction and repair of gas pipeline, impact of working elements of excavation equipment during unauthorized excavation of gas pipeline sectors.


Following the results of Conference it was decided to develop Technical specification for pipes with protective coating  ZUB-COMPOSITE  and to submit it to Permanent Commission of OAO Gazprom authorized to review new types of tubular goods for further filling into Gazprom suppliers registry.

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