The project of the industrial technopark "BT SVAP" in Astrakhan has entered the country top ten

The final defense of projects under the program "Infrastructure Development Leaders" of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia took place in the Slava technopark in Moscow. Management teams from the regions presented their projects there.

From the Astrakhan region, the project of the private industrial technopark "BT SVAP" was presented, which will become a successful example of supporting business initiatives for the benefit of the region's development.

The project was presented by Ilya Aleksandrovich Volynsky, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Natural Resources of the Astrakhan Region, who noted that the main goal of the presented project is to create an industrial platform for small and medium-sized businesses specializing in the production of high-tech products, including in the areas of integrated engineering, robotics, biotechnology (from R&D and product testing to launching them into production).

The expected social effect from the implementation of the project is to overcome the negative trends in the outflow of young people and personnel from the region. In this part, the main task of the technopark is employment and effective use of the experience of qualified specialists and targeted training of new highly qualified personnel.

Only 20 fof 33 program participants have reached the finals. Our project took seventh place, which confirms that the Astrakhan region has significant potential for the development of promising scientific and practical work and the creation of a specialized scientific and educational center for the Caspian macroregion in the future.

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