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The Dzhubga-Lazarevskoe-Sochi gas pipeline construction

The Dzhubga-Lazarevskoe-Sochi gas pipeline construction


Project owner: 

Temryuk, the Black sea

151 000 м

The pipe type used in the project: 

Gas pipeline

The Dzhubga-Lazorevskoe-Sochi gas pipeline Project

The Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi gas pipeline is part of the Program for Construction of Olympic Facilities and Development of Sochi as a Mountain-Climatic Resort, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The gas pipeline is designed to provide a reliable energy supply to Sochi and other areas, including delivery of gas to the Olympic facilities which are under construction; it gives a powerful impulse to the implementation of gas supply in both private and public households of Sochi and the Tuapse District, particularly facilitating the power supply on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

A large proportion of pipeline is offshore, with a 159.9 km section in the Black Sea approximately 4.5 km seawards from the coastline. The landfalls for the pipeline will be at Dzhubga, Novomikhailovka, Tuapse, and Kudepsta.

Construction of the offshore gas pipeline section started in May 2010, and the pipeline was put into operation in June 2011.

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