Project experience

Poland-Slovakia Interconnector

Poland-Slovakia Interconnector


Project owner: 
EUstream (Slovakia)

Gumenne, Slovakia

1078 m

The pipe type used in the project: 
Ø 1020х13 мм

Poland-Slovakia Interconnector

Laying under highways by earth auger and horizontal directional drilling. Laying by trench method in complicated rocky soils. For this project BT SVAP experts have developed jump-joint construction made of polyurethane compound of fast curing. It provided the jump-joint reliable protection from mechanical damages coming out of pipeline laying and operating activity. “ZUB COMPOSITE” technical solution was used instead of unprogressive technology of steel casings usage. In places of crossings under highways and railways (over 30 crossings) it slashed the construction terms and expenditures for materials in a half. BT SVAP Company has supplied materials of home manufactures to the EU and held in-situ training of the Eustream personnel. For purposes of the project the coating was applied onto 18-m pipes, that, in its turn, reduced the number of welded joints and improved the rate of construction.

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